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      Zhejiang Haoting Lighting Co., Ltd. EN

      2019 Fun Games

      发布者:admin 时间:2019-10-08

      To enrich the cultural life of workers. On March 8, under the careful organization of factory leaders, Haoting Lighting held interesting activities for 38 Women's Day in the factory

      In the game, the players make full use of props, you chase me, the courage to compete. Each event pays attention to the players' teamwork ability. In the competition, the players are extraordinary, and the spirit of team cooperation is also reflected vividly. When the whistle of the game sounded, the players chanted slogans together in the mouth, holding their strength to win the game, the company's leaders were also there, and the employees who did not participate in the game spontaneously formed cheerleaders to shout and cheer for the players, horns, shouts, a wave higher than a wave, floating in the sky.

      The purpose of this activity is to cultivate the teamwork spirit of staff unity, cooperation and hard work. In the course of the competition, each participant actively integrated into it to push the atmosphere to the climax. This competition also shows the good spirit of the employees, which is conducive to enhancing the cohesion and centripetal force among the employees of various departments, and helps the employees to establish a positive and optimistic attitude to life. In the end, after two days of intense competition, this fun game full of fun and enhance team cohesion came to an end in everyone's laughter.

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