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      Zhejiang Haoting Lighting Co., Ltd. EN

      Spring just, enjoy the food, view the beauty!!

      发布者:admin 时间:2019-10-08

      In order to let employees relax, enjoy green, close to nature, enhance friendship, and create a united, friendly and positive corporate culture atmosphere. On April 20, the company organized all staff to carry out outdoor picnic activities in the beautiful Redwood estate.

      During the picnic, everyone was full of interest and showed their skills, such as lighting a fire, washing vegetables and barbecuing. &hellip; Busy as hell. At the same time, we don't forget to share each other's craft. After a while, in the smoke curl, a delicious food was presented to the table, fragrance overflowing. Everyone not only experienced the fun brought by the picnic, but also tasted the fruits of their own labor, full of fun.

      The whole activity was relaxed and pleasant, and the staff got along well with each other. After the activity, everyone said that such activities not only enriched their spare time life, let them enjoy the beautiful scenery and food at the same time to enhance the friendship of colleagues, but also let them from the intense work so that they can be more full of enthusiasm into the new work

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