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      Zhejiang Haoting Lighting Co., Ltd. EN
      • Staff free blood to convey positive energy
        On the morning of November 19, 2019, the trade union of Zhejiang Haoting Lighting Co., Ltd. organized employees to carry out unpaid blood donation activities.At···
      • Fire drill
        In order to make all employees of the company understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, improve safety awareness, and enhance self-protection ability,M···
      • 2019 Fun Games
        To enrich the cultural life of workers. On March 8, under the careful organization of factory leaders, Haoting Lighting held interesting activities for 38 Women···
      • Spring just, enjoy the food, view the beauty!!
        In order to let employees relax, enjoy green, close to nature, enhance friendship, and create a united, friendly and positive corporate culture atmosphere. On A···
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